Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fam Fam

This is my new family!!! Well…..part of us….. And yes......the spaz on the far right is my new gorgeous goofy husband! It has been a very eventful year in our household & I have the grey hair to prove it! Between the kids, hubby, work, visitation weekends with Coco, Marissa's hiatus, Jordan getting in trouble at school, Nick's constant depleting college fund, snow, downstairs paint fumes, craft fairs, bible studies, funerals, dishes, laundry, cleaning & the litter box........I forgot where I was going with this.....Oh...even though I feel out of breath just reminiscing about this last year.....I wouldn’t change A THING! I love my family & I love my life!!! But most of all I love the one who made this whole thing possible.......My Lord & Savior! God has been so good to me & my family!!! He is so faithful & loving!!!

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